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Neurosciences at UCR covers both a vibrant undergraduate major and a research-intensive interdepartmental graduate program.  Both of our programs are aimed at providing high-quality training for students who come from a variety of backgrounds but share a commitment and an intense interest in understanding the nervous system.  Our goal is to prepare our students for successful careers in medicine, academia, and industry.

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Neuro Cells
Neuro Cells

Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

Join a vibrant and productive neuroscience community at UCR to receive interdisciplinary research training across molecular, cellular, circuits, systems, and behavioral levels to address fundamental questions about brain function and neurological illnesses. Engage in collaborative brain research across multiple departments across UCR while you enjoy beautiful Southern California.

World-Class and Innovative

Join the well-funded and world-class research faculty to lead innovative and timely research focused on understanding brain function. The Neuroscience Program is one of the fastest-growing areas of research at UC, Riverside with 13 new neuroscience faculty recruited in the past 6 years. Neuroscience Ph.D. students are fully funded, including fully covered tuition and fees.





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Seminar Announcements

November 10


Kalina Michalska, UC Riverside – Psychology

host: Sachiko Haga-Yamanaka

November 17

Wiring up Visual Circuits: From the Retina to the Brain

Xin Duan, UC San Francisco

host: Sika Zheng

November 14


Artur Luczak, University of Lethbridge; Canada

host: Hongdian Yang

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